Who We Are

Who are the people behind the website?

We are a varied group: authors, speakers, teachers, artists, humanitarians and caregivers (either past or present). We are also practical. We know how to save a couple of bucks and be efficient and we want to help other caregivers by sharing practical tips.
Above all, we are friends!!

Pegi Foulkrod

Pegi is a recent retiree and was caregiver to the love of her life (also known as her husband), James Foulkrod, until he passed away in early 2016. While a caregiver to her Jimmy, Pegi reconnected with some of the activities she enjoyed in her younger years: art, playing piano and writing.
These activities helped bring her peace during a chaotic and difficult time of her life. Pegi shared her love of art with Jimmy and he delighted in critiquing her creations almost as much as he puffed up with pride when she finished a piece.
Family means everything to Pegi and she is blessed with a treasured son, beloved daughter-in-law and a precious granddaughter. Pegi is forever grateful she and her five siblings were able to have their much cherished mother with them for 104 years!
Pegi is an accomplished artist whose artwork is featured in our companion calendar to “365 Caregiving Tips: Practical Tips from Everyday Caregivers” as well as the website www.365CaregivingTips.com.

Gincy Heins

Gincy is a teacher, author and volunteer as well as caregiver and advocate for her husband who was diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment when he was 55.
Gincy teaches classes for seniors in senior centers and residential facilities. She volunteers for Alzheimer’s Orange County, manning their table at health fairs and other events. She has also held writing classes for early stage Alzheimer’s patients and their care partners for Alzheimer’s Orange County.
Gincy was recently chosen as an Honoree in the Family Caregiver category at the Alzheimer’s Orange County 10th Annual Visionary Women Caregiver Luncheon.
Gincy recently helped her husband write the chapter, Steve’s Story: Living with Mild Cognitive Impairment in the book Psychosocial Studies of the Individual’s Changing Perspectives in Alzheimer’s Disease (Dick-Muehlke, Li, and Orleans). Gincy is working on connecting with present and past Alzheimer’s caregivers so the stories of their loved one, pre-diagnosis, can be shared in a new book. Gincy and her husband are the proud parents of one son.

Richard Kreis

Richard has always been very active professionally, individually and with his family.  Richard is the proud father of three great kids and husband to a very wonderful and supportive wife.  
Richard is owner of iCare Consulting and CareTalk.net where Richard helps those new to or who are veterans in caregiving. He also uses the airwaves via iCareRadio on BlogTalkRadio.com where his topics include caregiving, pain, government related issues, opioids, travel, new products for the caregiver and much more.
Richard is a part-time caregiver to his mom, Carol, who has heart issues as well as for his brother-in-law, Robert, who has dealt with epilepsy his whole life and lives with Richard and his wife.  Richard also deals with chronic back pain caused by a drunk driver in 1993.  He writes about how he deals with it all in his blog PickYourPain.org.
In spite of his pain issues, Richard is a patient advisor for intake.me, a Certified Caregiving Counselor specializing in caring for multiple people and getting the home, office and car organized. Richard also helps with travel and many other topics as needed.  He is a Certified Notary Public in California.  In his down time, Richard enjoys photography and taking photos of the family dogs and nature.

Trish Hughes Kreis

Trish is a freelance writer and full-time Legal Administrator who advocates for her disabled youngest brother, Robert, in order to keep him as healthy and happy as possible.
Robert has lived with intractable epilepsy his entire life and now lives with Trish and her husband, Richard. Even though Robert needs full-time assistance, he declares everything “excellent.”  Robert continues to teach everyone around him how powerful the “magic of excellent” can be.
Trish is an advocate for more research on the long-term effects of uncontrolled epilepsy as well as an advocate for expanding the definition of family to include sibling care under the California Family Rights Act and Family and Medical Leave Act.
Trish is the author of "Forever a Caregiver".

Kathy Lowrey

Kathy cared full-time for her husband, lovingly referred to as “Hubby” in her blog about living with, caring for and loving someone with Lewy Body dementia after he was diagnosed in October 2007 until he passed away in February 2014. Kathy’s blog is honest, raw and sometimes hilarious because, face it, sometimes dementia can be funny. Kathy is just a woman who loves her husband deeply and wanted to provide him with the best quality of life she could. Her faith is strong and her prayer through it was and still is, “Lord, what am I learning from this? How can I use it to help someone else and to glorify You?” 

Kathy’s Blog, Living with a Thief Named Lewy Body Dementia (www.thieflewybodydementia.com), was chosen by Healthline.com as one of the 25 Best Alzheimer’s Blogs of 2012 and 2014.  Kathy says, “If the blog helps even one person find comfort or education I will feel like it was a success.”  Kathy’s other blog, Life after Lewy (http://lifeafterlewy.blogspot.com) is a focus on her grieving process after caregiving and learning to give care to yourself.
These days, Kathy can still be found in a caregiving role as she co-cares for her husband’s 67 year old brother born with Down syndrome. She is an active supporter and occasional facilitator at a local Alzheimer and related dementia support group. She also works and volunteers at Habitat for Humanity and loves spending any time with her family.