Caregiving Tips Weekly Recap. Hospice: Caring for You

As a caregiver, you not only care for your loved one but need to also do a few things to care for yourself.  There is no time more important to do that than when your loved one is under hospice care.  The beauty of that time is there are things you can do to care for you while also caring for your loved one. 
The tips posted last week give you a few ideas on how to do just that.
Tip 341.  Take some time for yourself whenever you can.  Rejuvenate before the next crisis.
Tip 343.  Invest in baby monitors or cameras.  Put one on the bedside near your loved one and carry the other monitor or video display with you.  This allows you to step out for fresh air or do chores without worrying about your loved one.
Tip 344.  Hospice is there for you too.  Use the time they come to take a nap if you want or need one.  This is an emotionally exhausting time and we are pretty sure you will need one.
Tip 346.  Smile and laugh often.  We guarantee you will not regret it.
Tip 347.  Plant a favorite flower of your loved one so they will always be with you.
Tip 349.  Watch favorite movies together.
Tip 351.  Start a puzzle!  Let your loved one help put it together when they have the energy and keep it out so visitors can participate too.  Take a photo of the finished puzzle.  A sense of accomplishment can be important at this time.
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Coming up this week the tips will be from the chapter Hospitals: Medications and Medical Procedures in our book, 365 Caregiving Tips: Hospitals, Care Facilities and Hospice, Practical Tips from Everyday Caregivers.
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Thank you for reading and we hope these tips make your caregiving life a little easier.
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