Caregiving Tips Weekly Recap. Hospice: Coming to Terms

Just hearing the word can take our breath away.
But know this:  Using hospice is one of the greatest ways to help your loved one when it is time. 
Artwork by Pegi Foulkrod
That’s hard to come to terms with but we have been there and have come up with a few gentle tips to help you do just that.
The tips posted this week are from the Hospice: Coming to Terms chapter of 365 Caregiving Tips: Hospitals, Care Facilities and Hospice, Practical Tips from Everyday Caregivers
Tip 327.  It is okay to be relieved that you have hospice on your caregiving team.  It is also okay to be very sad about it.
Tip 328.  Make this a special time for the two of you.  Spend as much time together as you can or want to with your loved one.  Even if they are bedridden and sleeping, they know you are there as do you.
Tip 330.  Talk, if possible.  Talk as much as your loved one wants.  They may want to discuss death and final wishes.  Be ready to comfort them and remain calm.
Tip 333. Try to come to terms with the end being near.  The more at peace you can be with the situation, the more your loved one will feel they can go.
Tip 334.  Remember that hearing is one of the last senses to stop working before a person passes away.  Be careful what you say in someone’s presence.
Author and artist, Pegi Foulkrod
with her husband, Jim
Tip 336.  You may come to realize what many others do during their time with hospice.  As Pegi says, “The decision to go with hospice was the hardest thing I’ve ever done and became one of the biggest blessings I’ve known.”
Tip 337.  Many caregivers feel guilty if they are not in the room with their loved one when they die.  Consider that it is very possible your loved one chose to pass on when you stepped out of the room in order to spare you.  It is quite amazing how often this happens so please consider letting go of the guilt.
My favorite tip this week?  I love Tip 337.  So many people beat themselves up because they were not in the room when their loved one passes.  It is okay.  Your loved one would not want you to carry the burden of guilt so be gentle with yourself and let it go.
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Thank you for reading and we hope these tips make your caregiving life a little easier.
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Trish, Pegi, Gincy, Richard, Kathy